Sunday, 4 March 2012

Learn to pick up women

How to learn to pick up women and how to make picking up women easy for you.

I’ll give you today a nice course on learning to pick up women, what you need to wear, what you need to say and how to take things to the next level.

It’s a great course on picking up women, so don’t forget to take notes and to enjoy what you are going to read.

The first ingredient to picking up women is how you are going to present yourself.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a chick before, you’d have now that they are going to pay a lot of attention to what you will be wearing and they are going to feel great about you when you pick them up while being handsomely dressed.

Women love it when a great looking gentleman approaches them.

To be that gentleman to every woman you are going to approach, try to add this to your appearances:

wear all the time blue jeans and classical clothes on you, women don’t like sporty clothing a lot, the truth is that it will make you feel great, but you are going to notice that not most women are going to appreciate what you are wearing.

The second thing is to put on a great fragrance, a woman whom you are going to approach is going to look at you and then smell you immediately to know whether you give great care to your appearance or not, if you don’t smell nice, you smell bad, that’s the truth.

The third thing related to your appearance is you hair, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, try to look at pictures in magazines and see what type of hair style guys are doing and copy it.

That’s all you need to take into consideration when trying to learn to pick up women.

The next thing to focus on is what you say when you see a hot babe you’d like to approach and to pick up?

Very easy, I’ll give you exactly what you will need, use these little phrases every time you want to pick her up and she’ll like it and like you by the way:

The first one is: “you seem to be very nice and very polite as well, let’s be friends!”

You say this one, you don’t smile a lot and you don’t sound too nice to her, you just say it as if you know her for a decade.

After saying it, just keep looking at her eyes until she smiles or says something nice.

It’s very effective, try it and see.

The second phrase is: “you’ve been checking me out all the evening, so I thought I’d make things easier for you, hi, my name is . . . “

This one is a killer, it works every time with girls on one condition, they have to at least have looked at you or even their eyes have skipped you.

The third one is: “hey!”

This one is the most basic one, yet one of the most effectives, it works only when you have your self-confidence high.

It’s not that difficult.

Let us talk now about the ways to handle women and to take things to the next level with them.

Let’s say that she liked you, a great thing you can do now is to always put things to her as if she is the one following you and making lots of efforts to get you into bed.

Women are strange, when you are the one following them and trying to make them like you, they are going to run away from you, however, if you persuade them that they are the one following you, they will like it.

Be the prize to them, that’s the best way to make women always like to be with you.

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