Saturday, 10 March 2012

How to control your temper when rejected

I’ve had once the bad experience of going to an average girl and getting terribly dumped by her; she just dumped me with cold blood.

I became red of anger and I couldn’t control myself, I went to my home and cried for nearly an hour.

I’m telling you, this is true and a sad episode of my life!

It was some nine years ago, I was young, innocent and full of acne, I was twenty three.

I’ve since found some good ways to control my temper whenever rejected.

For example, a girl rejected me the other night when I was tending in my own place, I tended her and then I tried to start talking to her nicely, so as to drink more and to leave me a juicy tip, she just looked at me and turned her face and walked away!

I wasn’t embarrassed and I wasn’t sad about it.

Here are the mental Jedi tricks I did to stop my mind from screwing my chances with women when they reject me:

The first trick is to think about it and have a nice laugh.

If you keep thinking like this: “she rejected me! Why! It’s because I’m short! It’s because I’m white! . . . “

You are only going to kill yourself and to raise your blood sugar and pressure!

The best way I’ve found to control my temper when rejected is to have a laugh at it in my mind.

I’d say to myself: wow, I got rejected, hahahaha, and I’d smile and keep on doing what I have to do.

That’s it, not more and no less, it’s easy and very effective.

The second way to control my temper when rejected by a woman is to curse her in your head, ohh, no, wrong blog, I mean you need to give her some reasons.

When that B**** rejected me, I simply laughed in my head and told myself: the poor gall, she’s been waiting for her man the whole evening, he didn’t show up and I ruined her temper, poor woman!

That’s it, and I’d think of a lot of things about her and why her day was a total mess and how she has been totally unfair to herself when she didn’t talk to me because I’m a great catch after all.

These are my most preferred ways to get rejected by a woman and not feel bad about it.

If you need to learn more about the subject, you relay need to have a small discussion with you psychiatrist, I’ve had enough of giving you my most amazing tips while you keep ruining them and yourself too.

I know, I’m a bit crazy by saying this!

So good nigh.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Three common mistakes when approaching a girl

These are one of the most common mistakes when approaching a girl, avoid them, please do, you are making such a shame of yourself when coming up to a girl while ridiculing yourself with one of them.

It’s not fair or so many guys to know about these mistakes and not tell their fellow frustrated men friends!

It’s not fair, and not just at the same time!!!!!

I’m being sarcastic here if you know what I mean and if you only get what I’ve said!

When approaching a woman, you can’t imagine the number the mistakes you may be doing, these three I’m going to give you are just the tip of the nose in the swimming pool, is this what I should say, isn’t is something about the tip of the ice cube!!!!?

Anyhow, when you approach a girl, try to first see if you are making one of these mistakes.

The first one is approaching her while smiling.

I was once working my way through a huge line of people, it was crazy that night and I’ve had many clients, the thing that most caught my attention was a guy coming up to a girl while smiling hugely at her.

Everyone in the bar could see that he’s just had his teeth whitened and that he seemed to be very proud of them.

He came up to her and started talking, she couldn’t keep herself from not laughing and he felt very embarrassed and soon left the bar.

Don’t do it, don’t make a fool out of yourself when there are a hundred guys and girls in my place.

The second mistake is trying to be nice and friendly when approaching a girl.

I think that this one isn’t as bad as the first mistake, but it’s worth mentioning too.

When you try to approach a girl and talk to her, the last thing you need to bring in to your mind is a desire to sound and be like her girlfriend!

Girls don’t need you for friendship, they want you to entertain them and to make them laugh and have a good time.

If you don’t understand this one, you are always going to appear needy and friendly to women.

Let me tell you that friendly and needy people don’t get any pussy in this world, and I’m not talking about cats.

The third mistake is trying to be someone you are not.

I once saw an Indian guy trying to approach a great looking chick; she was hot and very friendly towards him.

He started talking to her and he sounded just like a guy from India, a huge accent and the colors of the country on his face, yet when she asked him about his name, he replayed with a tweaked English accent: George!

That guy was not a George, definitely!

She got this very quickly and was from then on just playing with him and passing time with him.

Don’t be a George when you are not, you will look like a fool and regret it later.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to create a good feeling in women

How to create a good feeling in women when you approach them

One of the things I’ve witnessed over and over with guys is that when they approach any woman, they are going to create a feeling of fear and worry in her.

For example, one day, a guy was sitting at a table near me, he saw a good looking woman with her friends, he kept looking at her for more than twenty minutes, and she turned from nice pink color to dark yellow!

It was clear that she feared him a lot.

I too this opportunity and I went to her:

“Excuse me, is this guy bothering you, you see, here we care a lot about our female clientele and we don’t want them to be disturbed by assholes who don’t know how to approach them.”

Then I told her: “you know, he’s a real sweet guy, he comes here every other night and leave a nice tip, he likes you a lot but he hasn’t got the balls to approach you and come talk to you”.

She was flirting with me back; soon, I invited her to come sit next to me . . .

I was the very opposite of the scary stalker guy!

He scared the shit out of her; I comforted her and made her feel nice while having a few laughter at our douche friend.

Here is that you need to learn from my wisdom when it comes to approaching women without making them jump from their seat:

Always have good solid eye contact with them, then when they look away, don’t keep on looking, simply look somewhere else too, ignore them a little.

When you approach a woman, just come either from her left or right, never from her back, coming directly to her is one of the best ways.

When you like a girl, don’t wait a hundred year to go talk to her, just a few moments and then gather your confidence and go talk to her.

When you are talking to her, be as fun as possible and smile a little at her.

Make sure when you are talking to her to make her understand that you will be soon returning to your thing.

It makes women understand that you value your time and yourself a lot.

These are some few things to stay away from trouble when you want to not scare a woman.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Be irresistible

Do you want to be irresistible to women?

Hope you’ve answered yes to this question because I’m about to tell you about some great secrets that would make most women find you totally charming and wonderfully attractive.

There is no magic involved here, these things I’m going to say to you are only going to help you appear more fantastic to women and are going to make all the girl see you as a true catch.

The first one is to wear a nice hat.

I’ve talked about this one in a previous post, but I find it a bit nice to repeat and to show you how to select a good one.

Women love it when there is something strange and attractive about you.

You can wear a lot of things and still look like an idiot, but wearing a hat was always somehting great with all men.

Here is why: it shows class, confidence and high self-esteem.

Women love elegance in a man, we call it class too.

If you come up to a woman wearing great clothes and being highly confident, she is going to like you and love spending time with you, however, if you approach her while feeling totally like a loser and not knowing what to dress, she will hate you.

Wearing a hat will always tell the women that you are indeed a classy guy and one who has lots of confidence and gut for doing it.

The best kinds of hats I’ve seen is the one wore by the like a hobo singer Charlie Winston, it’s called a trilby hat.

Go to your shopping center and get one, they are very handy and very cheap by the way; I’ve bought mine for less that thirty pounds!

The second thing is to smell wonderful.

I’ve just read an article from Noah Alam website about fragrances and colognes, to this day, it’s one of the best posts I’ve ever read on the subject, here is the link, go have a look, it’s so great and full on valuable information.

The third thing to be totally irresistible to women is to learn a bit of poetry.

I tend bars, I don’t have anything to do with poems, but there is one thing I’ve noticed over and over: when a douche singer comes up to irritate my ears from time to time, I can see most guys feeling stupid about him, but not women, they will be looking at him and fantasizing about getting him into bed, when he’s done singing, they will gather around him and he’ll start reciting some poetry he learned from a Jewish Indian French immigrant!!!!

Women go crazy about that stuff, learn some poems and watch out how they are going to like it.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What drinks to order when you are near a woman in a bar?

Let’s say that you are sitting in your barstool and then next to you, came a stunning brunet!

Would you act them sale, F*** no!

You’d immediately change your behavior and maybe become someone totally different to yourself.

One of the things we start to think the most about when we’re in such situations is what drink to order.

Let’s say that you were going to order beer, would you do it anyway when the girl sits next to you.

Would you be drinking your beer and looking like a f***ing drunk sitting next to her?

Here are some few drinks I’ve seen very confident and attractive guys drinking when they were next to stunning women.

Trust me on this one, it’s my job.

The first drink is a coca cola!

I know, I know, most of you would think that it’s gay and not worth the efforts and . . . but think again!

Most douches would sit and order maybe a nice cocktail with a fagg olive in it, but if you are relay cool, you should order something no one is ordering.

I’ve seen amazingly successful guys with women ordering a coca cola when they were with the girl, and when they were asked, they’d simply replay: “mind your own business!”

The next drink to have is a nice gay cocktail!

Have you ever seen one of those great looking Hawaiian cocktails?

They are nice, delicious and very expensive.

I was once asked by a guy to prepare him a tropical drink, he said it with such a confidence and fun, then he went on to tell me the way to make it, it involved bananas and some few expensive drinks.

The end result was something terribly colorful and most of the people kept looking at him while he drunk it.

The woman next to him was seeing him as the real man in that place!

The third drink to order next to a beauty is a cold beer

Not in a glass, they are now a bit old style and old fashioned, you should order a bottled one.

Heineken makes one of the best if you ask an expert and they are available everywhere.

The beer I condemned a little while is the one in a glass; the one that reminds you of old bars where there will be only alcoholics and hangover dudes!

These drinks are very attractive and would make you appear like a rock star when you order one, and the best thing is to give the tender no tip, kinda appearing cheap.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Learn to pick up women

How to learn to pick up women and how to make picking up women easy for you.

I’ll give you today a nice course on learning to pick up women, what you need to wear, what you need to say and how to take things to the next level.

It’s a great course on picking up women, so don’t forget to take notes and to enjoy what you are going to read.

The first ingredient to picking up women is how you are going to present yourself.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a chick before, you’d have now that they are going to pay a lot of attention to what you will be wearing and they are going to feel great about you when you pick them up while being handsomely dressed.

Women love it when a great looking gentleman approaches them.

To be that gentleman to every woman you are going to approach, try to add this to your appearances:

wear all the time blue jeans and classical clothes on you, women don’t like sporty clothing a lot, the truth is that it will make you feel great, but you are going to notice that not most women are going to appreciate what you are wearing.

The second thing is to put on a great fragrance, a woman whom you are going to approach is going to look at you and then smell you immediately to know whether you give great care to your appearance or not, if you don’t smell nice, you smell bad, that’s the truth.

The third thing related to your appearance is you hair, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, try to look at pictures in magazines and see what type of hair style guys are doing and copy it.

That’s all you need to take into consideration when trying to learn to pick up women.

The next thing to focus on is what you say when you see a hot babe you’d like to approach and to pick up?

Very easy, I’ll give you exactly what you will need, use these little phrases every time you want to pick her up and she’ll like it and like you by the way:

The first one is: “you seem to be very nice and very polite as well, let’s be friends!”

You say this one, you don’t smile a lot and you don’t sound too nice to her, you just say it as if you know her for a decade.

After saying it, just keep looking at her eyes until she smiles or says something nice.

It’s very effective, try it and see.

The second phrase is: “you’ve been checking me out all the evening, so I thought I’d make things easier for you, hi, my name is . . . “

This one is a killer, it works every time with girls on one condition, they have to at least have looked at you or even their eyes have skipped you.

The third one is: “hey!”

This one is the most basic one, yet one of the most effectives, it works only when you have your self-confidence high.

It’s not that difficult.

Let us talk now about the ways to handle women and to take things to the next level with them.

Let’s say that she liked you, a great thing you can do now is to always put things to her as if she is the one following you and making lots of efforts to get you into bed.

Women are strange, when you are the one following them and trying to make them like you, they are going to run away from you, however, if you persuade them that they are the one following you, they will like it.

Be the prize to them, that’s the best way to make women always like to be with you.