Friday, 30 September 2011

How to meeting women in bars and clubs

Meeting women in bars and clubs can be a pretty daunting experience, you've got all the eyes in the club looking at you and most women are either too drunk or too aggressive because so many guys have approached them and they think of themselves as models now, even if most of them are just average girls.
Here is the way to have a great experience and a positive one at meeting women in bars and clubs: you apply what's in this post.
Yes, you simply copy and use what's in this article and you look for opportunities to apply it.
  • The first rule about meeting women in clubs and bars is to come very early.
I'm talking here about clubs and bars worth going in to, and if so, they will have very strict bouncers who will give you so many troubles to get in.
The big secret about such places is that they will be nearly impossible to get in when they are crowded and will be very easy to get in when it's 8PM!!!!
Most guys would never think about this one, they will go there when everyone is waiting in the line and even hot girls aren't allowed to enter!!
Dude!! Go there at 8:30 PM and sit in a place where everyone would pass.
Most of the times, the bouncers would not be at the door and you will find very few people.
  • The second rule about meeting women there is to know who you are going to take with you.
Do you need a wingman? Do you want to go alone?
From my experience, I can assure you that the best thing to do is to take a great looking guy who is also great at meeting and approaching women or go alone, other than this is simply a waste of time.
Don't tell yourself that you will be lonely there and you need to take your boring friend to keep you company.
It's better to be alone in a crowded area with beautiful women than be with a boring guy in such places.
He will be stuck on you the whole night and will even ask you very early in the night to leave because he feels bored or has something to do tomorrow morning.
Take my advice, if you don't have someone great to go with, just go alone.
Another great thing is to take a winggirl with you.
This is the best of the best, if you can get a great girl friend to go with you, man you are in heaven, girls will keep looking at you and will feel very comfortable about you two, she can even approach girls and befriend them and then you will go "looking" for her and have a great time with them.
  • The third rule is to know how to open single women or group of women.
You need to be comfortable with meeting women and approaching them, if you feel that you are losing your courage very quickly with women, you can try reading this article about self-discipline in meeting women, he calls it " mantras to meeting women", it's great.
Do you know what the word mantras mean????
You open a single woman with a pick up line or an opinion question.
Trust me, the opinion question is the best one and is really very effective for both scenarios.
You can get some amazing examples of opening lines in my previous post.
  • The fourth rule is to know what you want.
You probably remember the goal's audio I've told you about last time!! Well, in this situation, they will be very useful.
Why are you approaching and meeting women in bars and clubs?
What's your aim?
A lot of guys will go there, make a ton of moves and struggles, meet a great woman and get stuck.
I personally go there to get their phone numbers and have a date later with them and I think that this is the safest thing to do too.
Most of the times, you will find hookers and drunken women who will agree to go with you and may accuse you of rape later, don't be a fool!
Relax and think long term, take her digits and call her later, if she seems stupid or boring, move on.
If she doesn't remember you, simply try to make her so, if she can't, move on.
These are the best ways to meet women in bars and clubs, I highly recommend you reading my previous post on the subject, it's a complementary to this one.

here are some very useful resources to concider reading:
Brian Tracey's quotes on deciding on what you want in everything are always useful:

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  1. You mean that I only need to know what I want in a woman to attract her???
    come on! this simple!!!