Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to make her fall in love with you

This question is probably asked by millions of guys every single day throughout the world.

It’s a legitimate question if you are with a great woman, but if you want to trick a woman into becoming in love with you, it’s a very immoral thing.

You need to know that the aim of this article is not to make you into something you are not to make women fall in love with you, my aim in writing this is to only give you a roadmap on what you need to be doing the right way to make any woman feel at ease with you and confident about you so that she will naturally start to feel the emotion of love towards you.

No crooked intentions here, just really scientific facts about the feeling of love.

The first thing you need to be doing to make a woman fall in love with you is to be the right guy.
I’m pretty sure that you probably picture the right guy as someone tall, a little tan, blond hair, perfect job, perfect body, fat bank account …

Don’t worry; it’s not like this at all for women.

Mr. Perfect Guy is simply a man who is normal, he has got friends, he has got needs, he makes her laugh, he listens to her, he teases her, he plays with her, he likes animals, he drinks coca cola, he likes watching football, he talks to her when she is with him, he makes her feel special and important, he eats a lot, has a little tommy, hang with his friends even if she wants him to hang with her more…

This is Mr. Perfect for a woman, a normal dude with some special powers.

I too considered in the past that women were very strict in the qualities a man should have, but after a long reflection and after asking so many women, this is what it truly take to be perfect:

He is ambitious, he is courageous, caring, provider, great humor, strong character, decisive, can protect her, can put her into her place, don’t allow bad behavior from others, knows what he wants in life and making sure he gets there…

Apparently most guys are on that way, so, just add a little tweaks to your personality and you will be more than perfect.

The other thing to make her fall in love with you is to be a little difficult.
This advice was told to me by a gorgeous woman, she was complaining about a guy who was dating her.

She told me that whatever she asked from this guy, he would immediately answer her with: yes.

He was a yes man, and let me tell you that women don’t really like this type of men a lot.

In your case, you need to definitely have a great personality; your life must be full of so many things to do and to realize.

If a woman asks you about something to do for her, you need first to see if it’s something that you would agree with, and then see if you’d like to do it for her, the more you balance your yeses with noes, the better.

Don’t go to extremes!

The third tip to make her fall in love with you is to be a little rare.
This is a bit comparable to the yes man attitude.

Simply don’t be with a woman for a very long time, disappear once in a while and try to not get stuck to her.

Women love to be ignored, really, don’t think that this is a sadistic thing; they really like to be left alone a little.

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