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How to pick up women in clubs

Picking up women in clubs can be an easy thing if you apply these five tips.
Here they are:
1. Tip number one: don't put pressure on one particular woman.
Here is a great resource that have both helped me in my professional life (I'm not just a bartender :-) ) and my romantic life too.
I know, I know, it looks so "unromantic", Goals : Setting And Achieving Them On Schedule
How to Get What You Want
I've seen it very often, a guy will approach a woman and she refuses to talk to him, what he will do is to stand next to her and keep on talking to her more and trying to convince her to like him.
Well, no need to tell you that this will not work.
What he should have done instead is to say goodbye and move on to meet another woman.
I was doing the same mistake too, I kept on rationalizing and even asking her "why you don't want to answer me, it's because I'm fat??" (I was fat then).
It was a woman who told me what to do in these situations and how she once was very angry when a man who have approached her and she has rejected said to her "ok" and moved on, later, she found him speaking and having a great time with another woman.
Guess what she did?
She went back near him, did as if she was there by accident, he passed near her and said hi, she replayed positively and he joked a little, she was very receptive then.
This is just to tell you to not lose hope when a woman rejects you, don't be an asshole and keep on nagging her about it, simply move on.
A friend of mine has this great saying: the best revenge is to look good.
2. Tip number two: stay away from ugly chicks
I think that this rule should be taught at high schools because apparently 9999.99 out of every 1000 do it.
They will go and choose among all the hot women in the club only the ugliest ones.
What's really bad is that a lot of these ugly girls will think of themselves as totally gorgeous and will avoid regular guys and would behave as beauty queens.
My advice is to target only the best ones, at least if you get blown off by a gorgeous woman, it would be less painful and more reasonable.
So, look for great looking women.
3. The third tip is to know what you will say to women.
You don't want to put in all the troubles and approach a woman to finial not finding anything to tell her.
This should be avoided and you have to think and even learn some pick-up lines and opening lines to apply before meeting girls.
Here are my favorite ones:
A joke opener: you ask the woman about a riddle, the stupider, the better.
What does a gay cow eat? Heeyyyyyy
Try to come up with kindergarten, jokes and riddles, ask women about them, trust me, they work every time.
A question opener: you ask her a question about: drink she is drinking, the song played, drinks to drink, why she is alone…
My favorite one is this question: "have you seen my friend Joe?"
It may seem stupid but most women would say "who's Joe?" or "what?".
I simply start telling them about his manners and his ways and then tell them that he doesn't exist and I only made it up to approach her.
This one will work like wonders every time.
4. The fourth tip is to know what you want.
Are you interested in long term relationships or just meeting women for a short period of times??
If you don't know, you need to make up your mind now about it and see what you really need to know about yourself and the type of women you want.
Because when you go talk to a woman, you don't want yourself stuck and not knowing what you want to do next.
Women hate indecisive guys, they want you to know where you are heading and what type of woman you want to be with you.
5. The fifth tip is to not drink.
I know, I sound very moralistic and "teaching" you about what to do and what not, but the truth is that from my experiences, many guys will shoot every chances they have of meeting highly attractive women because they have drunk too much.
Don't be one of those, go to the club and have fun, don't have fun by drinking, have fun because you are a fund person.
This is the way most women there will know that you are fun to be with and will want you to approach them.
Just think about it: women don't want a drunken guy to hang around them, they look for an attractive and confident guy.
You can also add to your soberness a great punch of power, here it is, Noah calls it the best drug to seduce women, I simply call it the magic smell, I've used it and it does work, read more about it in his article a drug to seduce her.

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