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How to approach women in bars

I talked in previous posts about how to meet and how to talk to women in bars and clubs.
So far so good, the only thing was that I forgot to tell you about the most important step of them all, the approaching phase, how can you talk to a woman in a bar if you don't first approach her??
I guess that it would not be possible at all.
This third post is all about teaching you how to approach women in bars, yes; you can use this too in clubs.
  • So, the first step in approaching women in bars is to be good looking
If you boil being great looking to one simple phrase, it would be this one: appear appealing to women.
You can't expect a woman to like you if you aren't appealing.
Let me ask you this question: can you eat a cake that's made of chocolate but looks like it was made with mud and sticks!!!
Of course not, you would vomit from the first look.
This is the same with women; they pay a huge attention on your looks and the way you present yourself to them.
If you look repulsive, no matter what you do, they will fear you approaching them and they will look for ways to ignore you and even reject you like rejecting a sick man.
Women are very harsh and I think that they have to be so.
The first thing about looking great is to have great outfits.
I'm not asking you here to go to Boss online store and get yourself a 500$ suit! No way.
And even if you've got the means, you must stay away from doing such a thing when trying to approach women, it will make you look very insecure and a stuffed shirt.
Here is what you should be wearing: your casual clothes that you feel very comfortable in and the ones that you've received most complements from women about.
If no woman has complimented you on a clothing item, don't wear it.
Now, what if you don't have such clothes?
Well, you go shop for some new ones.
You go to a shop where there are good looking women and you ask them for help.
Ask them about shirts and jeans to wear and what style of hair should you adopt, ask them to be brutally honest with you, it's your way to look good.
  • The next thing about approaching women in bars is to apply the no drinks policy.
Let's be clear on one thing from the very begging: approaching women is a very delicate thing and if you are drunk, you will be like a bull in a glass shop, you will break everything.
I talk out of experience, I've seen guys that only had a few drinks and got themselves really terrible chicks and on the other hand, I've seen guys who were sober and appeared very cool, relaxed and fun to be with.
You need to think about this one, the best pick up artists never drink one single drop of alcohol, they know that it's a precise game and that they should be fully concentrated.
  • The third tip is to keep your body saying the right things
This is the main reason why I told you about not drinking; it will alter your body language.
Body language is very essential while approaching women; here are the most important tips to keep in mind:
Always look women in the eyes
Don't look down or up for an extended time
Don't face the woman too much when talking to her
Behave relaxed and assured, don't care about the outcome of your interactions
Don't smile too much
Don't laugh at your own humor
These are the main aspects of keeping a great body language, you should not think that it's a simple thing to be ignored, body language is essential in approaching, pay careful attention to it.
The most important part of your body language is the eyes, if you break eye contact with women, you will look like a stupid guy, if you keep too much eye contact, you will look like a thug!
Always be in between.
  • The last important thing about approaching women in bars is to have great openers
You can't complete it without talking to her.
Your openers are your best allies to a first date and a second one if you apply all these the right way.
This is what you should be doing to open women:
Either use a pick up line or use an opening question.
Both techniques have been greatly discussed in a previous post and I think that there is no other pick up line to add to the already presented pick-up lines there.
There is only one last thing I must warn you about, it's the over use of these.
Don't go in the bar from one woman to the other.
This is a mistake I see a lot of guys doing all the time, they will jump from one girl to the other and apply the same material on many of them.
This is like the kiss of death.
Use the selection method: simply select girls you want to approach that night and make it a goal to do so, don't choose a lot of women, at most five to ten women a night should be more than enough to get you fantastic results.
Just make sure the other women don't hear what you are saying to women and you will be good to go.

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