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How to talk to women in bars

Talking to women in bars can seem quite an easy thing; the truth is it's not, here are some tips and techniques to use to immediately arouse her interest and make your conversations very appealing to her.
I've seen many guys get ridiculed and rejected in so many bad ways by women in bars, and don't think that they did the mistake of talking to great looking women, no, they simply talked to average looking women and they were brutally rejected.
In some cases, I've seen the bouncer coming to throw away the guy!
Don't let this happen to you, read this little guide and know all there is to know about meeting women in bars, don't worry, it's all very easy.
  • The first rule about talking to women in bars is to make a difference.
Make a difference?
Yes, to know how to distinguish good women to meet and bad ones.
The good women are those that are having fun, stable, nice looking and a little tense.
The bad news women are those that are extremely great looking, very confident and seem to know the place better than the bouncers.
Do you know what these women are?
Hookers! Stay away from them unless you want to pay for catching a disease.
The other bad news women are the lonely alcoholics.
These ones are pretty easy to spot, they are alone or in group of bad company, sitting and minding their own business while having a drink after the other, they will accept a drink from you and they may even like you and hang out with you, however on the long run, they are signs of troubles, bad experiences, instability and puke in on you.
In this guide, I'll only focus on nice women, those that are there to meet guys and or have fun with their friends.
These women are very difficult to talk to because there are so many guys trying to talk to them as well.
This is what we call competition.
I've got a rule I always respect and it always got me positive results: know whom you are going to talk to.
I don't talk to average looking women in bars!
Why in your opinion?
Because every guy out there will think that they are an easy pray and will want to talk to, I've seen scenes where an ugly girl is surrounded by a dozen guys!!
Spot a great looking woman who looks like having a lot of fun or simply relaxing and focus on her.
Let me remind you that your goal is not to know the woman; it's to talk to her briefly and then get her phone number.
  • Here are the tactics for approaching her:
First, you spot her and then you go to her (very straightforward, the more you wait, the more difficult it will be for you).
You open a conversation with her by asking a question or a pick up line.
Most of the times, the pick-up line will never work if it's a cheesy one, instead, I'm going to give you some of my pick up lines to use, they are perfect and will make her smile and appreciate your company.
The questions are great, but unfortunately, in bars it will seem a bit stupid from a guy to ask a woman a question, especially if it's a boring one, this is the reason why I'll give you a set of questions to use too.
The pick up lines:
Here are some of the most effective pick up lines to use with women in bars, there are rules to respect first, you need to have a great looking appearance, no un-ironed, bad looking shirts and jeans, no smelly mouth …. Be great looking, and the second rule is to have the perfect body language.
1. Pick up line number one: "ohh my god, poor you, you are sitting here all lonely by yourself, what a pity!" and you sit next to her, you simply tease her about being lonely and you make fun of this.
2. The second one is: "Do these jeans make my ass look big?" and you show her your jeans. It may seem very rude, but the reality is that most women will simply look and smile, sit next to her and just keep talking to her as if you knew her from old times.
3. The third pick up line is: "have you seen Fred?" She will look surprised, sit next to her and tell her about Fred and how difficult he is, then tell her than there is no Fred and you found her nice and "healthy" looking.
4. The fourth pick up line is: "I bet that every drunken guy in this place have approached you this evening and you are probably angry about coming her, I just want to say hi and tell you that you are very good looking", go away, take some ten to twenty minutes then comeback, sit next to her or stand next to her and chat a little as if you knew her for a very long time.
5. The fifth one is: "what are you drinking?" she will say something, you look at her drink and you walk away, disappear, then reappear shortly after and look at her drink and tell her "still drinking …, ohh my god you are so boring!!"
6. The sixth one is: pretend that you are a dork "My name is (put your name here please) and I'm a boring dude, I am drunk, I am boring, I am uncreative, I am a dork, and I am boring", then simply smile at her and keep looking at her.
The important thing here is to walk with her phone number and name, no need to talk to her for a very long time, just a little chatting, some cocky and funny comments and then ask for the number, here is a great guide about getting girl's phone numbers fast, it's from Noah website too and it's great, in fact, it's the only guide out there that will teach you a "free" way, other websites will make you pay dearly only to get this amazing guide: getting girl's phone number fast, I encourage you to read his website from the introduction to the footnotes, he has put a lot of troubles and efforts into getting these great advices.
Now, let's talk about questions.
Pick up lines are fantastic to apply on women who are alone, questions are fantastic at opening groups.
The first and only question you will need to know about is the opinion opener question, no need to know the others, this one is the master of them all.
"Who lies more, men or women"
I've used this question on so many women and I can assure you that the rate of success if about 99.9999% , most women will tell you both, men, women, why? …. you don't care, what you must do is to keep talking and getting the digits.
Talking to women in bars can seem a bit risky, and it's true, however, when you apply these methods, you will get the best responses, especially the pick up lines, I've worked so much on perfecting them and they are amazing if you have a confident body language.

Here is a fun video to watch, I think it sums up everything ;-)
Some useful resources you may feel the need to read:

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