Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to tell if a woman likes you

There are a lot of signs that would tell you a woman doesn’t give a damn about you, but on the other hand, there are so few signs that will tell a man a woman is highly interested in him.

In my romantic life, this was always an issue for me.

I’d never know what to do next because somehow I couldn’t know for sure whether a woman likes me or not.

This is the reason why I’ve watched how women would react and how to make sure I’ve got the right signs that indicates she truly likes me.
  • The first sign of interest from a woman is: she looks and doesn’t look!!
I know, I sound disturbing and a bit strange.

But I wanted to give to you how women really behave and how you should learn about their behaviors.

Here is what she will do and it would tell you a hundred percent that she likes you.

She would look at you from time to time and would then look down to the ground.

The first time I saw this, I thought she was some kind of masochistic type because I’ve always been raised thinking that women were strong and very robust.

The truth is that women are very submissive when it comes to dating and sexuality and this is the reason why you need to pay careful attention to the way she behaves with you.

If she keeps looking you in the eyes all the time and daring you or being strong with you, she probably doesn’t like you that much, or is testing you to see if she needs to go on with you or dump you.

However, when she looks at you and looks to the ground in a dominated fashion, she is deeply interested in you.

This is a kind of flirting, you can too flirt with her, in fact, it’s the most important thing to do when you see her doing this with you.

A great article I’ve read the other day is:


the author gives some nice flirting questions to use with girls, it’s pretty easy to use.
  • The second sign she likes you is she cares for you.
I’ve always told my friends to look for this sign.

Whenever you see a woman providing warmth and affection for you, she fancies you.

What do I mean by warmth and affection?

She brings you a piece of cake, she gives you food, she talks to you, she likes hanging with you, she tells you about her future project, she tells you about movies she wants to see and go to…

She wants to be with you, that’s what you need to understand.
  • The third sign is that she would fight with you
Now, I sound really confusing, am I not?

Well, this one never lies.

Whenever a woman battles you and teases you, you need to know deep in your heart that she likes you and she maybe even madly in love with you.

Let me give you an analogy here: go watch national geographic and see lions mating rituals.

You will probably see the lioness biting and running after the lion.

This is the same thing with use humans.

Teasing and “hating” is a kind of foreplay for us.

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