Monday, 28 November 2011

How to make women interested in you

These are the main things you can do to yourself to make women interested in you.

Don’t worry; there are no mental things or voodoo tricks to do here, just simple outer looks stuff.  

1. Here is the first thing you can start doing from today: walk more slowly.
    Do you like trains?

    I hope you do because I’m going to do a comparison.

    Did you know that a lot of train fans, trainspotter, railfan, don’t like picturing new trains?

    Why in your opinion?

    Because they are so fast and a lot of the pictures will simply be faulty.

    However, if you present them with a steam locomotive from the 1880, you will have thousands of fans contemplating it and feeling interested in it.

    This is the same with you, so to speak.

    If you keep on walking fast and doing everything the fast way, women will not even notice you were there in the first place.

    This happened to me in the past, I went to buy something from the hardware store and I was talking really fast with this women.

    She simply kept looking at me and finally she said: “ohh my god, you talk like a robot!!”

    I assure you, I’m not a robot!

    I was in a hurry that day!

    Anyway, the lesson to be taking from this is: with women you got to be a little slower than the usual.
    • The second advice to make women interested in you is to build your muscles.
    I’m not talking about your abs or your biceps; I’m talking about your buttocks!

    I know, you may think that I must be gay or some other homosexual synonym for gay.

    I assure you, I’m neither a robot, nor gay.

    This advice came from a girl I used to know in the past.

    She simply came to me once and told me this:

    “I’ve got to be frank with you.”

    I told her to “go on”.

    She told me: “you look horrible from behind”

    I kept on laughing at this idea, but in reality it kind of kept getting into my nerves.

    At one time, I told her to tell me what she didn’t like about my arse.

    She told me it looks like that of a fat old person.

    I was a little chubby, but I wasn’t fat.

    I went to the internet, looked at videos that would help and I found some great ones, , I took their advices and started pumping iron into my buttocks, now I sound so gay!

    Soon, nearly all women were looking a little desiring at me.

    Don’t be a fool and ignore this, watch the videos and see the difference for yourself.

    Try to read this body language guide, it’s awesome too:

    And this one too for flirting with chicks:

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