Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Don’t use this word, ever

Don’t use this word, ever

In the English language, there are a lot of terms and vocabulary items you must avoid when talking to girls and interacting with them.

Today’s course is about the verb “to beg”.

Yes, you can consider it to be a short grammatical and syntactic lesson.

Here is the first rule:

Doesn’t use it with women!!!!

End of the lesson.

It’s the only rule you need to know about the verb “to beg”, you don’t need to know when and where to use it because you must never use it at all.

How can you use other synonyms of this word with women?

Once upon a time, I wanted something from a girl, so I went to her and asked her nicely, she didn’t want to and then I dropped the P bomb on her:

“Please, do it for me!”

She was horrified.

And lost all respect for me at that moment.

Moral of this story, don’t use the word “I’m begging” nor the word “please” to get something from girls, they will hate you for it.

What to use then?

Use this word “------“

Yes, don’t use anything, ask a girl and if she doesn’t want to, don’t beg her or “please” her, just look her right in the eyes and go ask someone else.

She will feel bitchy about it and she will do it for you.

If she doesn’t, move on, you’ve probably met a mean girl.

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