Saturday, 17 December 2011

What about my smell!!!

I eat a lot of garlic, in fact, i consider it a fruit and I’ll eat it every day with a lot of meals.

I was talking to this girl the other day and she said:

“Ew, you smell horrible”

What do you think I did?

Yes, I felt bad, hurt and angry, and I tried covering this up.

Hahaha, not at all, here is what I did to this nagging slut (so to speak, she is a wonderful girl):

I stood up and went with my arm pit to her nose, and forced her to smell it.

All the guys in the group were jerking tears of laughter when they saw me do this.

It was very funny, she hit me with a plate on the head and it was hurtful and then she said sorry and kissed me on the head and on the cheek, I turned my face and she ended up kissing me on the mouth.

Guys, don’t get hurt from what girls will tell you, enjoy yourself and don’t think of the consequences, if she didn’t like what i did, she would have left, but by acting this way, she found herself enjoying my company more than hating my smell.

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