Thursday, 15 December 2011

How to get more women in your life without losing it

How to get more women in your life without losing it

What I mean by losing it is your life, yes, I mean dying!

Why is that in your opinion?

Because last night I heard on the radio about this dude who wanted to sleep with this other’s dude wife, he was very determinate; he did it, the other dude followed him and shut him in the face with a nine millimeter, him and his wife!!!

What and as***le!

This is a little guide to not get yourself killed over women, it’s important, so pay close attention.

The first thing need to talk about in this guide is to always know who you are dealing with.

By this, I mean that you need to know if the woman you are with is married or not.

Let me tell you about what happened to a friend of mine once.

He saw this gorgeous woman walking by, he went after her, he wanted to talk to her, when he poked her and she turned, she was pregnant and more importantly, her husband was following her!

He nearly got himself kicked by a lot of people that day!

How can you know is she is single then?

The obvious one is the ring on her finger.

It’s the best indicator if a woman is available or not, if you see something goldy or with a rock in it, hit the road.
  • The other thing to know if she is alone.
A lot of the time, if you don’t see a ring on her heart finger and she is with her female friends, this would mean that she is alone.

If you want to know more tips on finding out if she has got a boyfriend or not, you can read this amazing piece of knowledge here: it’s from a trusted friend, Noah Alam, you can visit his site here too for some great info:

The second thing to stay away from dying with women is to know how to get yourself from troubles.

A lot of the times, you are going to approach a woman who has forgotten to put on her engagement ring or she has a boyfriend but she isn’t married.

This will happen, so be prepared to face it.

Well, the easiest thing is the oldest trick in the world in times of trouble: run!

When you see her guy coming up to you and looking very angry, just say sorry to him, don’t laugh or smile and move away while looking at him if he is the aggressive type.

If he seems a nice guy, simply say sorry to him and tell him that he is very lucky, she will like it and he will feel great, then beat it as soon as possible, don’t wait for a threesome here!

Just beat it.


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