Friday, 9 December 2011

The greatest of the virtues

I will not talk today about a trait that no man has or other internet BS!!

No no, today, it’s about a virtue that anyone can have but most people do not.

It’s not unknown or rare, all successful people have it, so why not you too.

The virtue I’m talking about today is persistence.

Did you ever read this quota by napoleon hill?

“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”

It’s my mantra in life and I think it should be yours too.

You see, with learning any skill or technique, there are what they specialist call a learning curve.

Now each person will go through it, no one can escape the learning curve.

The only difference is what you do with this data!

A loser will quite very early and will damn everything related to that subject.

A winner knows that it’s normal o face the learning curve with its difficulties and challenges, so, when he faces these, he will remember that “it’s the curve”.

Every time I face an issue related to a new field, whether it’s in selling or being great with women, I’ll remember this and I’ll accept all my challenges.

And instead of quitting, I’ll recommend you do this:

Look for a person who has solved that problem and learn from him.

It can be an article on the internet, a book, a phone call or just you thinking about it deepely.

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  1. So wise, thanks for all the love. I appreciet your work