Thursday, 23 February 2012

Boobs or no boobs?

Can you talk about sex with women openly?

Here is why I’m asking you this question: I was invited to a party a few months ago, when I arrived, all I could see were classy females with lots of jewelry on them and lots of clothes.

I knew only a few and I just went and sat down in a chair next to balcony while drinking a coca cola.

Some few hip girls came and sat right next to me, they didn’t do it to pick me up, they just didn’t find anywhere else to sit.

I looked at one of them and provoked a conversation with her, they were all working with a financial investment firm and they were making a shit load of money!

Soon, a girl tried to provoke me into a conversation by asking me if there was something striking me about this party.

I just looked from side to side and told her that they only thing striking me is that there are plenty of great looking girls and no man is making a move on them.

They were all giggling and laughing at this, then one of them asked me if I were to go talk to a girl which one would it be.

I looked again, I saw a great boobed girl and I pointed at her, she saw me, I didn’t care.

The girls with me kept laughing a little and then asked me about the reason why I liked her especially.

I told them while making a sing about her breast size that I felt that she has a nice personality, while still making a sign about her boobs.

They kept laughing at this and said that I’ve got a dirty mind, I agreed to that and told that that I don’t need to feel ashamed of it, I am a man and I love big boobs.

The conversation went on for a very long time, I didn’t take their phone numbers, we just kept chatting, after a few minutes, I went and talked to that big boobed girl, and she was married and felt very flattered when I went to approach her.

The thing in this little story is about being and feeling ashamed to talk about sex.

I see that a lot of guys are going to be and feel freeze when things turn a little dirty with a girl!

Don’t care about what she would think; the most important thing is to be true and to have lots of fun.

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