Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More than self confidence

I like to think of being successful with women as the black belt in martial arts!

Have you ever had training in a martial art?

Hope you did, because I’ll be using lots of metaphors from it.

I didn’t have training in martial art to say the truth, I’m a big liar when it comes to sport, I’d say that I do lots of it, but the only sport I know is drinking bear and . . . women!

Anyway, this is all about make believed!

This is what a friend has once told me: to understand women, you don’t need just self-confidence, you need more that self-confidence.

Now I get what he meant by this: to be great with women, you need to master lots of areas of your life, not just the obvious one, self-confidence!

I’m going to give you a list of areas to work on and which are going to add a lot to your life, not just when it comes to women.

The first area to work on is self-esteem.

There is a huge difference between self-confidence and self-esteem.

Self-confidence is to trust you to be able to do something; however, self-esteem is loving and appreciating yourself.

There is a little difference between the two.

The next area to master is your physical appearance.

You can’t just have great confidence and self-esteem while looking like a dork and expect women to fall from the sky for you!

It just won’t happen!

What you can do about this is become fashion magazine addicts!

I won’t lie to you on this one, I might do it on other things, but not this one: I love fashion magazines, both women and men.

I love to buy women’s fashion magazine more than men’s because I’m going to see the men in those magazines and know exactly what women expect me to look like.

They are a fantastic source of knowledge if you don’t have any experience on dressing and clothing.

The third area to master is your health

A guy I know personally once seduced a fantastic woman, she has nice boobs, big XXX and big XXX!!!!

He did everything that was required from him as a seducer, nice cloths, great lines, great shoes, great cologne. . .

She invited him to her apartment, they started kissing and cuddling, she was very hot for him, when the moment of truth came, and he couldn’t get it up!

No matter what she did to him, he just couldn’t get it up! She asked him nicely and politely to leave the F*** of her apartment, he went to my place, crashed there to three days and nights feeling miserable, then he went to see a doctor.

The medic told him that he must need to take heavy medications that were going to affect his heart if he ever wants to see a full rejection from his organ again!

He is a heavy drinker and heavy smoker, heavy chicken and fried stuff eater too!

These area are your first priority to take very good care of, if you neglect one of them, they others will be useless to you.

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