Friday, 17 February 2012

Do we need pick up lines?

I’ve once asked myself this little question: do we need pickup lines?

It’s not a very common question and most of you may even not have ever asked themselves it, but it’s worth asking anyway, or just to get some content into this blog and make you a bit more interested in coming here more often and reading my shit from time to time, even to comment on what you’ve read.

Do we need pick up lines?

The best and shortest answer to this one is: no, we don’t need pick up lines, what we need is confidence.

I’ve said this before, maybe not, pick up lines are made by the lazy and unattractive guys.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said this one before; usually I don’t come up with such deep and thoughtful shit!

Pickup lines are for the lame and lazy dudes, but the reality is that they can be fun to use and amazingly effective, on one condition, they have to be accompanied by lots of high self-confidence, in other words, telling a woman a line while at the same time being ballsless is terrible and won’t work for you.

On the other hand, if you tell a woman shit while being balssy and terribly self-confident, she will like it and find you very sexy.

I myself use pickup lines all the time, I love them and I feel great about using them, they are very easy to use and to remember and if you learned a set by heart, they’ll become a great asset for you and will make women find you very funny.

The thing is that when you say a pickup line to a woman, always have in mind this little thought: am I relaying on this line to attract her? Or Am I already attractive and just using this pick up line for fun?

If you answer with the first one, then you really need to practice more on this blog.

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