Thursday, 16 February 2012

The best offence is defense

Have you heard about this one before?

If you said yes, you are probably wrong!

What you may have heard once is this: the best defense is offence.

This is the one thing politicians and sports icon keeps on hammering at us all day long!!!!

It’s great if you are in the military or if you are a politician on even a business man, but if you trying to seduce women, and then it will make of you a fool.

Yes, offence is the best defense doesn’t work with women, in fact, it will drive them away.

Do you want to know how that is possible?

Let me give you a little scenario I’ve witnessed in my working life over and over, by the way, I tend a bar in Leeds:

A guy would approach a chick, he would start talking to her and making her feel great, suddenly she tests him with a shit test from women, he feels bad and start making a scene of himself and even feeling terribly uncomfortable and wanting to do only one thing, run away!

This is not defense, to a woman, it’s offence, you are being too aggressive and too out for her!

The best way I’ve found, and by the way, I didn’t invent anything on this one, I just saw how natural guys react with women, is to simply defend yourself.

Here is how a great gentleman did it the other night when a blond accused him of dressing like a fagg!

He kept looking at her and then he said: “will a fag pull you towards him and kiss you on the lips?” and he pulled her towards him and planted a hot steamy kiss on her lips!

She didn’t argue, she didn’t pull him away, she did nothing, in fact, she couldn’t do anything that whole night, because once he kissed her, he went to talk to his friends.

She was a bit angry, but what can she do about it!!!

She just kept looking at him and looking for him the whole evening.

This is defense to me; he was defending his honor and self from her when she said that he was a fagg.

Don’t do as he did, he is confident and have pulled this trick with confidence and total mastery, however, in case you do it and you are a bit crazy with the girl, you will end up in jail with a hairy guy sleeping next to you!

Anyway, enough gay stuff, let’s sum up: with women, try to defend yourself but only when she is slightly attacking, if she is very violent with you, then you need to get the hell away from her and let her F herself!

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