Monday, 27 February 2012

How to boost your pick up lines effectiveness

A friend saw me writing the headline of this post on a piece of paper, he was very perplexed about the title and said to me that it resembles the title of full or an oil for an engine!!

I just got what he said, after typing it for an hour on word, he’s probably, right, it looks very strange and sounds horrible.

But it’s the truth, I want to give you a few techniques, simple ones hopefully, that would make women more interested in you when you use a pick up line on them.

Let’s be honest, women will rarely respond to one of your pick up lines!

Why in your opinion?

Because every goddamn man on this country knows one or two and he will is it on women when he’ll get the chance!

That’s the main reason.

The first technique to boost your pick up lines effectiveness is to not laugh or smile when you say one.

Here is a pick up line that have always left me laughing, whether I’m the one saying it or I’m near a guy saying it: “is it me or the air is getting hotter?”

I don’t know about you, but this one has left me laughing or smiling most of the time!

Here is the big issue about laughing and smiling a lot when saying a pick up line: you will be the only one laughing!

How do you know a pick up line is working great? The answer is: the girl will be laughing!

When you say to her something nice, but instead of her laughing, you are the one pulling your front teeth and showing her how yellow they are, she will think of one thing, and only this one single thing: leave the hell out if that place and fast!

Don’t laugh when saying something funny to a woman, instead, use technique number two:

It’s raising your eye brow a little bit.

I got this one from David Deangelo, I heard him talking about it in one of his interviews, by the way, you have to get one of them interviews, gold, pure genuine gold!

Here is the thing you need to remember: don’t raise your eyebrows a lot and don’t raise them a tiny bit, something in the middle.

You will notice one thing then, women are going to like what you are saying and would find it very interesting.

I’ve got this idea of using this body language technique because David’s host said that when we were babies, our mothers used to do the same with us, this will leave a great feeling of security and warmth in women and they are going to like you for making them feel that way.

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