Sunday, 26 February 2012

Three amazing ways to become a catch to a woman

These ways are going to make you a catch to every lady you meet.

Trust me, they work amazingly well.

The first way to become a catch to a woman is to be a great dresser, in other words, your physical appearance should be more than great.

I’ve written a whole bunch of other stuff about this area before and I know that you’ve had probably enough of people and magazines telling you to take good care of it, but the reality is that you need to work more on it.

Here is a nice tip I’d usually give to guys whenever they’d ask me about physical appearance:

Go read females magazines; they are the best source for men’s clothing.

If you have a bad feeling that this is probably a terrible idea, then please consider it again!

It’s a great idea that very few men will ever use.

Here is the thing about it: you look at the male models on those magazines and you try to see whose model looks the closest to you, then simply copy and paste what he’s wearing.

I’ve even went to a department store and asked a girl there to give me the exact jacket a model was wearing, she did and she was very impressed by what I was doing.

Girls love to see a guy, they guy, taking care of his physical looks.

The second thing to become a true catch to women is to become a gentleman!

No woman on this earth would tell you that she’s love to date a rough criminal more than she’d love to date a gentleman.

I don’t mean by gentleman a genteel-man, no, what I mean is men who can make women feel great when they are with him.

A gentle man is going to behave naturally with a woman and be very fun with her, but when she is a bit of an ass with him, he will be very sharp with her and very dominant.

The third thing to do to become a true catch to women is to tart assume your true responsibilities with them.

When you go out on a date with a woman, you should never make her pay with you, you should never let her decide for you and for her . . .

You are the true man; it’s up to you to take care of your woman.

I think that these are the best ways you can become a true catch to a woman, most of them would never find such a man, be one and you’ll surprise them surely.

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