Sunday, 19 February 2012

How to turn a friend into a lover

I was once hanging in my place, it was my free day!

Suddenly my boss calls me begging me (not really) to come and take a friend’s shift, he was ill.

I had to go; I didn’t have anything to do.

When I arrived, I fund the bar filled with people, mostly men and they were already to drink till the morning!

What a great joy to see your fellow men drunk and not caring about the cost of a drink!

I noticed a guy sitting next to me, he didn’t speak to the other men and was just thinking, I asked him about his story, it’s a great way to get a drunken guy to speak about himself and tell you all there is to know about him.

He started talking about his wife and little family, from what I’ve understood, his wife used to be his best friend for thirteen years.

Then he proposed to her out of desperation and they got married!

It was depressing to hear him speak about his life this way, I don’t think it’s just the alcohol; he was really pissed at life.

This reminds me that a few months ago, I received an email from a guy in which he asked me about ways to make his girl-friend into his girlfriend!

Pay attention to the words here.

Here is what I’d have to say about this subject:

What the F*** would you want to make a girl who has known you since you just had your first pubs into a girlfriend and then maybe a wife?

It’s dangerous and deadly to one’s life!

You know why?

Because after some few sessions of not so hot and steamy sex, you are going to feel bored of each other’s.

Here is what you can do about this situation:

Go to Leeds, look for my bar and have a few drinks with me, on your account of course, and then return to your home town and start reading this blog every day for a month.

You will then find a lot of opportunities to not only meet great babes, but enjoy your life to the max and forget about ever having a friend!

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