Monday, 20 February 2012

Amazing results when approaching a woman using two body language techniques

Amazing results when approaching a woman using two body language techniques

Here are two body language techniques I love to use on women every time I’m approaching, they are going to seem very strange to you, but as soon as you apply one of them, you are going to see amazing results with chicks.

The first of these body language techunes is to play with your chest muscles when approaching her, or while talking to her.

Have you ever seen those huge body builders?

There is one thing they are going to do when appearing on the scene; they will be moving up and down their chest muscles.

Do the same with women, but only when talking to them.

Approach her the usual way, but when starting to talk to her, tell her that you saw her looking at your big sexy muscles and then start bouncing your chest.

When you do this, make sure you are also playing with your eyebrows and making a bit of fun of yourself.

This is a great way to show confidence and high esteem to yourself.

Being the fool have always helped guys score great with women, just remember when you use to be a teenager, who were the most successful guys with girls?

The nerdy?

Not at all, it was the funny guys, they were irresistible.

Of course, there was also the football players and the sports guys, but those are an exception.

The next body language technique to make approaching women so easy is to simply approach her while looking away, as if you are about to hit her.

At clubs and bars, this can be one of the most amazing techniques.

Here is why: you don’t see girls looking at you and this will give you more self-confidence and courage, when you bump into a woman, just tells her to keep her eyes open next time and to be careful of where she is walking!

Amazing one too, and women will not know what hit them when you say something as this to them.

On the one hand, you are the one that hit them, but on the other hand, you are the one complaining and making a scene out of it.

It’s an amazing body language movement that I’ve done numurous times and that have made lots of girls furious but at the same time laughing and hitting me in the arm, kidding of course.

It’s not a difficult thing to do, just keep on looking away as if some of your buddies are talking to you from the other end of the club, and then hit her gently.

These two body language techniques are great if you’ve got the right amount of confidence and high self-esteem.

Try them before you judge them.

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