Saturday, 10 March 2012

How to control your temper when rejected

I’ve had once the bad experience of going to an average girl and getting terribly dumped by her; she just dumped me with cold blood.

I became red of anger and I couldn’t control myself, I went to my home and cried for nearly an hour.

I’m telling you, this is true and a sad episode of my life!

It was some nine years ago, I was young, innocent and full of acne, I was twenty three.

I’ve since found some good ways to control my temper whenever rejected.

For example, a girl rejected me the other night when I was tending in my own place, I tended her and then I tried to start talking to her nicely, so as to drink more and to leave me a juicy tip, she just looked at me and turned her face and walked away!

I wasn’t embarrassed and I wasn’t sad about it.

Here are the mental Jedi tricks I did to stop my mind from screwing my chances with women when they reject me:

The first trick is to think about it and have a nice laugh.

If you keep thinking like this: “she rejected me! Why! It’s because I’m short! It’s because I’m white! . . . “

You are only going to kill yourself and to raise your blood sugar and pressure!

The best way I’ve found to control my temper when rejected is to have a laugh at it in my mind.

I’d say to myself: wow, I got rejected, hahahaha, and I’d smile and keep on doing what I have to do.

That’s it, not more and no less, it’s easy and very effective.

The second way to control my temper when rejected by a woman is to curse her in your head, ohh, no, wrong blog, I mean you need to give her some reasons.

When that B**** rejected me, I simply laughed in my head and told myself: the poor gall, she’s been waiting for her man the whole evening, he didn’t show up and I ruined her temper, poor woman!

That’s it, and I’d think of a lot of things about her and why her day was a total mess and how she has been totally unfair to herself when she didn’t talk to me because I’m a great catch after all.

These are my most preferred ways to get rejected by a woman and not feel bad about it.

If you need to learn more about the subject, you relay need to have a small discussion with you psychiatrist, I’ve had enough of giving you my most amazing tips while you keep ruining them and yourself too.

I know, I’m a bit crazy by saying this!

So good nigh.

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