Friday, 9 March 2012

Three common mistakes when approaching a girl

These are one of the most common mistakes when approaching a girl, avoid them, please do, you are making such a shame of yourself when coming up to a girl while ridiculing yourself with one of them.

It’s not fair or so many guys to know about these mistakes and not tell their fellow frustrated men friends!

It’s not fair, and not just at the same time!!!!!

I’m being sarcastic here if you know what I mean and if you only get what I’ve said!

When approaching a woman, you can’t imagine the number the mistakes you may be doing, these three I’m going to give you are just the tip of the nose in the swimming pool, is this what I should say, isn’t is something about the tip of the ice cube!!!!?

Anyhow, when you approach a girl, try to first see if you are making one of these mistakes.

The first one is approaching her while smiling.

I was once working my way through a huge line of people, it was crazy that night and I’ve had many clients, the thing that most caught my attention was a guy coming up to a girl while smiling hugely at her.

Everyone in the bar could see that he’s just had his teeth whitened and that he seemed to be very proud of them.

He came up to her and started talking, she couldn’t keep herself from not laughing and he felt very embarrassed and soon left the bar.

Don’t do it, don’t make a fool out of yourself when there are a hundred guys and girls in my place.

The second mistake is trying to be nice and friendly when approaching a girl.

I think that this one isn’t as bad as the first mistake, but it’s worth mentioning too.

When you try to approach a girl and talk to her, the last thing you need to bring in to your mind is a desire to sound and be like her girlfriend!

Girls don’t need you for friendship, they want you to entertain them and to make them laugh and have a good time.

If you don’t understand this one, you are always going to appear needy and friendly to women.

Let me tell you that friendly and needy people don’t get any pussy in this world, and I’m not talking about cats.

The third mistake is trying to be someone you are not.

I once saw an Indian guy trying to approach a great looking chick; she was hot and very friendly towards him.

He started talking to her and he sounded just like a guy from India, a huge accent and the colors of the country on his face, yet when she asked him about his name, he replayed with a tweaked English accent: George!

That guy was not a George, definitely!

She got this very quickly and was from then on just playing with him and passing time with him.

Don’t be a George when you are not, you will look like a fool and regret it later.

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