Friday, 2 March 2012

The most effective ways to lose a girlfriend

Are you interested in some easy ways to lose a girlfriend fast?

Let me entertain you some moments with these:

I’m going to give you these ways from my own life, these were the simple ways I’ve used to not only get dumped by my girlfriends but to also not know why for a very long time and then start learning about this area from beginning.

Before I worked at my actual job, I used to work at a supermarket in the ancient city, it was nice and very creative, there I’ve met many girls, and you need to understand that I was selling flowers there!

This has led me to have lots of relationships with lots of women. However, the thing about these relationships is that they all ended in a bitter break up.

Here are the things I really suspect for my breakups, in fact, there are three things:

The first one always needs the girls to do their part.

I remember one day coming from work and finding my girlfriend watching some TV, I went right next to her and I started cuddling and kissing her, she was not in the mood, then I felt depressed and very angry at her, I said that I wanted her to be my girlfriend and to fulfill me . . .

The reality is that I was very frustrated and I didn’t know how to handle it!

The second thing that drove my girlfriends away from me is wanting them to be nice and respectful to me.

You see, when I was just starting with girls, I used to be a first class nice guy, I didn’t interfere with what they were doing to me and I didn’t want to lose them either.

This has made girls to become very disrespectful to me and soon they were treating me like shit.

I didn’t speak about it, but deep inside me, I wished for them to change and to like me more.

This has created resentment inside of me and I was soon hating them for it, this made them run away from my life as a fart from a windy balcony!

The third thing that kept me from being a great catch to my past girlfriends is my weak character.

I just used to delegate everything in my life to them.

I’ve read a book called women are from Venus and men are assholes by a lunatic author, in that book, the author gave a generous theory: you need to respect women, you need to share with them, you need to tell them lots of Iloveyous and you needed to shower with compliments!

Needleless to say that I followed that book blindly for years of my life, I used to read a chapter and immediately apply it on my girlfriend, she would hate what I was doing and I’d think to myself that maybe I ruched things and I needed to keep reading!

Maybe it was a “holistic” book!

It was crap!

These were the worst years of my life, frustrated, broke and saying “I love you” to a woman from the first date!

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