Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What drinks to order when you are near a woman in a bar?

Let’s say that you are sitting in your barstool and then next to you, came a stunning brunet!

Would you act them sale, F*** no!

You’d immediately change your behavior and maybe become someone totally different to yourself.

One of the things we start to think the most about when we’re in such situations is what drink to order.

Let’s say that you were going to order beer, would you do it anyway when the girl sits next to you.

Would you be drinking your beer and looking like a f***ing drunk sitting next to her?

Here are some few drinks I’ve seen very confident and attractive guys drinking when they were next to stunning women.

Trust me on this one, it’s my job.

The first drink is a coca cola!

I know, I know, most of you would think that it’s gay and not worth the efforts and . . . but think again!

Most douches would sit and order maybe a nice cocktail with a fagg olive in it, but if you are relay cool, you should order something no one is ordering.

I’ve seen amazingly successful guys with women ordering a coca cola when they were with the girl, and when they were asked, they’d simply replay: “mind your own business!”

The next drink to have is a nice gay cocktail!

Have you ever seen one of those great looking Hawaiian cocktails?

They are nice, delicious and very expensive.

I was once asked by a guy to prepare him a tropical drink, he said it with such a confidence and fun, then he went on to tell me the way to make it, it involved bananas and some few expensive drinks.

The end result was something terribly colorful and most of the people kept looking at him while he drunk it.

The woman next to him was seeing him as the real man in that place!

The third drink to order next to a beauty is a cold beer

Not in a glass, they are now a bit old style and old fashioned, you should order a bottled one.

Heineken makes one of the best if you ask an expert and they are available everywhere.

The beer I condemned a little while is the one in a glass; the one that reminds you of old bars where there will be only alcoholics and hangover dudes!

These drinks are very attractive and would make you appear like a rock star when you order one, and the best thing is to give the tender no tip, kinda appearing cheap.

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