Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Be irresistible

Do you want to be irresistible to women?

Hope you’ve answered yes to this question because I’m about to tell you about some great secrets that would make most women find you totally charming and wonderfully attractive.

There is no magic involved here, these things I’m going to say to you are only going to help you appear more fantastic to women and are going to make all the girl see you as a true catch.

The first one is to wear a nice hat.

I’ve talked about this one in a previous post, but I find it a bit nice to repeat and to show you how to select a good one.

Women love it when there is something strange and attractive about you.

You can wear a lot of things and still look like an idiot, but wearing a hat was always somehting great with all men.

Here is why: it shows class, confidence and high self-esteem.

Women love elegance in a man, we call it class too.

If you come up to a woman wearing great clothes and being highly confident, she is going to like you and love spending time with you, however, if you approach her while feeling totally like a loser and not knowing what to dress, she will hate you.

Wearing a hat will always tell the women that you are indeed a classy guy and one who has lots of confidence and gut for doing it.

The best kinds of hats I’ve seen is the one wore by the like a hobo singer Charlie Winston, it’s called a trilby hat.

Go to your shopping center and get one, they are very handy and very cheap by the way; I’ve bought mine for less that thirty pounds!

The second thing is to smell wonderful.

I’ve just read an article from Noah Alam website about fragrances and colognes, to this day, it’s one of the best posts I’ve ever read on the subject, here is the link, go have a look, it’s so great and full on valuable information.

The third thing to be totally irresistible to women is to learn a bit of poetry.

I tend bars, I don’t have anything to do with poems, but there is one thing I’ve noticed over and over: when a douche singer comes up to irritate my ears from time to time, I can see most guys feeling stupid about him, but not women, they will be looking at him and fantasizing about getting him into bed, when he’s done singing, they will gather around him and he’ll start reciting some poetry he learned from a Jewish Indian French immigrant!!!!

Women go crazy about that stuff, learn some poems and watch out how they are going to like it.

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