Monday, 16 January 2012

Let me help you get more p*ssy

Do you know what’s the difference between a loser and a great guy with women?

No, not how much pussy they can get, but how they get it.

The other night, I was hanging with my buddy in a very classy club, a hooker came to talk to us, we told her we were not interested.

Now, you may think that a classy place will be less filled with hookers, but here is a thing I’ve realized:

The classier, the classier hooker you will find.

When we shut her down, my friend saw a cute girl sitting near the bar alone, she was apparently waiting for someone.

My friend offered her a drink, she accepted and they soon started talking.

All of a sudden, he came to the table astonished and feeling like shit.

I asked him about the reason and he told me that when he was picking her up, she asked him if they can go out now, he said “yes”, then she told him “300” and he couldn’t understand, and asked her to explain, she told him that she’s busy and excused herself.

Well, that place was filled with prostitutes and when we started looking closely, we found that nearly all the guys there were having success with the ladies because they were going to pay them later.

We’ve never went to that club again.

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