Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to get a girl to approach you in a bar

I was once in a bar in London, yes, I went to a pub different than the one I work for!

Bars in London are weird places, usually here in Leeds we call bars by pubs, which mean in dictionary English a public place! Believe it or not, if you open up the oxford dictionary, this is what you are going to find under pub!

Anyway, I was at a nice bar in London, the chicks were amazing and the drinks were far way too expensive for me.

I had a Coca-Cola for three pounds!

Are you kidding me!

So, I was there with a friend, enjoying their city when all of a freeing sudden, a girl approached me, she was mid-twenties, a bit drunk and smells like good perfume!

I smiled at her a little, had some laughing with her, she paid for me my drinks and then she tried to get me to her home!

I’m not kidding; I swear that it’s the truth!

Anyway, she was very persuasive, but I refused and didn’t go with her that night, I’ve heard of some guys going out with drunken girls to their homes and in the morning, when the girl wake up, she’d call the police on you and accuse you of drugging her and doing something against the lord’s book to her!

I’m not ready to pass a fucking five years in a prison!

My friend who was next to me just couldn’t understand what I did to make that girl approach me, to him and to every frustrated guy in this world, I’m presenting my supper freaking secret:

Have a hat on the head!

Yes, a hat, a nice gentleman hat on your head.

And of course, you need to be wearing something nice and very clean to go with your hat.

Here is where I’ve got the idea: I was once listening to the song: like a hobo by Charlie Winston.

It’s not the official clip I was listening to; I was watching this clip on YouTube where it was shut on the roof top of a building!

I loved the song but what I’ve loved the most is the way he was wearing his hat.

It was great, you could see that his look was drawing your eyes to the hat and it was well made and of great quality.

I went to the department store that day and got myself a nice hat for twenty pounds, I wore it the first few hours and then I threw it away, and I just couldn’t stand putting it on my head.

After some few mornings wearing it in my house, I started getting used to it.

Then I started going out wearing it.

Girls loved it and women would approach me and ask me about it out of nowhere!

By the way, if you look at my picture in this blog, you are going to notice that I really look like Charlie Winston a lot, in fact, my previous girlfriend once told me that it was because I looked like him that she was with me, needless to say that I dumped her nicely after that :)

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