Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Show me what you drink, it’ll tell you your personality

Here is a trick I’ve used with women over and over, it’s fantastic, it gets them to enjoy the crap I tell them and at the same time order more drinks:

It’s not that ingenious or evil, it’s something I used to see natural guys doing all the time to women and these latters would just be looking at them with their big mouths wide open not knowing why they feel this attracted!

This trick is to simply ask them to tell you about their favorite drink and then tell them a secret personality trait they have in order for them to like such a drink.

Here is a little example I’ve done with a woman some years ago:

She came to my bar and ordered coca vodka; I gave it to her and simply told her:

“You’ve got a nice, gentle sociable personally, but deep down you long for adventures and excitements.”

That’s it; I said this and left her to see other customers.

She couldn’t understand what I said and kept watching me with her eyes, and then she called me and told me to repeat what I’ve said.

I asked her if she didn’t hear it, she said that it was noisy here and that she wanted to hear me repeat it.

I repeated what I’ve told her before and she wanted to know what made me say that, I told her that I’d only tell her if what I’ve said to her is true or not.

After looking at me for a little bit, she replied that it was true and that it was very clever of me to having guessed this only by looking at her drink.

In reality, I don’t know what I’m talking about most of the times; I just say what I have in mind.

This is a really simple trick, you just need to go to a woman who is drinking something and ask her about her drink, when she tells you what it is, simply comment on it and tell her a shitty thing about her personality.

That’s all.

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