Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to create a good feeling in women

How to create a good feeling in women when you approach them

One of the things I’ve witnessed over and over with guys is that when they approach any woman, they are going to create a feeling of fear and worry in her.

For example, one day, a guy was sitting at a table near me, he saw a good looking woman with her friends, he kept looking at her for more than twenty minutes, and she turned from nice pink color to dark yellow!

It was clear that she feared him a lot.

I too this opportunity and I went to her:

“Excuse me, is this guy bothering you, you see, here we care a lot about our female clientele and we don’t want them to be disturbed by assholes who don’t know how to approach them.”

Then I told her: “you know, he’s a real sweet guy, he comes here every other night and leave a nice tip, he likes you a lot but he hasn’t got the balls to approach you and come talk to you”.

She was flirting with me back; soon, I invited her to come sit next to me . . .

I was the very opposite of the scary stalker guy!

He scared the shit out of her; I comforted her and made her feel nice while having a few laughter at our douche friend.

Here is that you need to learn from my wisdom when it comes to approaching women without making them jump from their seat:

Always have good solid eye contact with them, then when they look away, don’t keep on looking, simply look somewhere else too, ignore them a little.

When you approach a woman, just come either from her left or right, never from her back, coming directly to her is one of the best ways.

When you like a girl, don’t wait a hundred year to go talk to her, just a few moments and then gather your confidence and go talk to her.

When you are talking to her, be as fun as possible and smile a little at her.

Make sure when you are talking to her to make her understand that you will be soon returning to your thing.

It makes women understand that you value your time and yourself a lot.

These are some few things to stay away from trouble when you want to not scare a woman.

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